Saturday, 23 July 2011



I think this is long overdue! So apologies! I've not kept to my goal of blogging once or twice fortnightly. I shall be turning even more into my mum, and setting reminders on my phone and putting weekly nights aside to blog in my diary. :) She should be proud.

I had two posts lined up, but neither of them posted? One regarding the Choir Concert we had a couple of weeks ago and the other being a reminder about the Promise Auction we held last night!

Thank you so much to Lesley and the choir for preparing the concert, the songs and the entertainment; it was a very enjoyable everyone, had by everyone who attended, and we saw an even more improved Choir showcasing some of their newer learnt things. Thanks also to Shyam and Karen for baking yummy cakes, particularly to Shyam for selling tickets and doing a lot of organising! Thank you also, to all the people that helped on the night; teas and coffees, on the door, filming, sound, etc. But finally, thank you to all of you that made it! Without you turing up and coming it would have been a bit rubbish! So thank you to you, for inviting your family and friends, for buying the tickets and coming on the night. It was and still is, greatly appreciated!

So, now that's done, I can tell you about the amazing evening had last night!
After a month and a bit of hard work preparing, the Promise Auction happened. It was an incredible night, shared with many. We saw lots of Promises being auctioned off, banter at it's best and I know I saw a huge amount of support!
Well done to Rob, who, if you atteneded, know, did an absolutely amazing job playing auctioneer last minute, standing in for Geoff. Geoff should be getting scared! Rob stood him up well and good! So, thank you Rob! You were wonderful!
Thank you to all the people that helped on the night; Lesley, for being a runner, Bo and Celene for sorting out the money, Simon, Rachael and Megan for serving drinks all night and for every person who offered up their services, talents and gifts for promises! I'm extremely grateful for your Promises and honestly, can say I'm utterly speechless at the amount of money raised. I feel so blessed to be part of our church family, to know the people I know and to be so supported. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

After a bit of a dip in work, I can say I feel well and truely on my way to Soul61. Bring on October!