The Soul61 Vision

This information was taken from the Soul61 webpage.

"Soul61 is a leadership course, its aim is to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus and equip you to lead for him. It’s for you to explore the riches of his Word and the excitement of hearing his voice. It is for you to grow in your gifts but more importantly it is to allow him to develop your character.

You might have picked up that we’ve only got five days of the week (including Sunday) scheduled – this is intentional! Soul61 is not a honed-down, slick, timed-to-the-minute course. We are inviting you to come and be part of us. We are convinced that the most life changing things that will happen during your 10 months will be the relationships you form – with each other and with the Soul Survivor family in Watford. We are really excited about getting to know you as individuals; your struggles, hopes and dreams. We want to build friendships with you and invest in you. We want to walk beside you, serve you, and see you run far beyond us as leaders. We won’t be spoon feeding you, we want to allow you to think for yourselves and use initiative.

More than anything Soul61 is a chance for God to develop your character. Leadership must firstly be about not looking, gifting or personality but how we live out our love for God in the everyday. The key to being a leader in the church is knowing, loving and following Jesus. We’ll spend lots of time worshipping him, waiting on him, listening to him and letting him change us.

The aim of the 10 months is to help you develop the key qualities for leadership:
‘Submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ’
Developing character.

In addition to this we’ll also be looking to develop some of the gifts of lesser importance with regard to leadership:
Communication and teaching
Worship Leading
Youth Work
General leadership skills

By the time you leave we hope you will have deepened your relationship with God and your understanding of the Bible and its teachings; we want to equip you to love God’s church and be a leader whether in the workplace or full-time ministry. As we mentioned earlier, our main hope is that as you spend time being ‘family’ with us these characteristics will develop. At the same time we’ll be looking to develop the above qualities in more formal ways."

If you want to know more about what our weeks will entail, like what we'll be learning in our theology classes or who we're serving in the church, go ahead. :)