Thursday, 30 June 2011


Hello all,

This coming Saturday, (2nd July) taking place in Lea Valley Church Hall, there will be the 'RHYTHM of LIFE' Choir Concert taking place. It shall adorn a variety of music, song choice and light entertainment.
The concert will start at 7.00pm, and the cheap ticket price of £4.50 includes light refreshments.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Lesley Lewis for organising the evening and practicing with the choir. She always does a great job and we look forward to seeing them at their best on Saturday!
I also want to thank Shyam Thambiah-Lennon, for selling tickets and organising a lot of the evening too, she's done a wonderful job chasing people up and keeping me up to date on ticket sales! So thank you very much ladies for you amazing upport in organising the evening!

Hopefully, you all know about the Promise Auction by now! It's being held in the Lea Valley Church Hall on the 22nd of July, entry is free and light refreshments will be available.
Mum has been doing an amazing job organising bidding items, and we hopefully have some incredible top lots! We still need more offers, so if you have, or know anyone that has any skills that could be put forward, we'd love to hear from you! (Maths lessons, ironing/cleaning services etc.) Speak to Celene Sullivan for more information, and of course; I'll be keeping everything updated on here!

Finally; I sat down and sorted out my finances the other day, with the help of a very experienced mother. Since starting study leave, I've worked hard, trying to earn money, get fundraisers together with help and of course finish my A levels!

I've set up an e-account with my bank which will hold all funds going towards Soul61, and ALL my earnings, donations, profits from fundraisers, sponser etc, will be pitching tent in there.

I will be updating monthly, regarding a running total; where the money has come from, such as, what I've earnt, what has been donated, what is sponsered/pledged monthly and what ahs come from the fundraisers.

This month (June) TOTAL: £965.82
of which are
Earnings: £665.82
Donations: £195
Pledge/Sponsers: £105

Thank you to everyone who has donated; anonymous or not, and who has chosen to sponser, I am incredibly grateful for your support.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011


If you're reading this, I want to thank you. I'm sincerely grateful that you've taken some time to learn more about what it is I'm embarking on and how I'm going to do it. What you're doing, just by reading; is supporting me. So, thank you.

I started this blog to build a network, so that anyone who feels led to support me financially or otherwise, can feel like a partner in the journey I've started on. I will not be sitting back and waiting for money to roll in; I am working hard myself in different jobs, some temporary some permanent, I am organising a fair amount of fundraisers and events with a huge help from some of the important people in my life. So, this blog is a place to catch up on how I'm feeling about it all, but also with the things happening, our plans and how we intend to achieve them, and finally, how well we are doing financially.

I'm not going give a vague idea of the monetry need, I will clearly state what I need, what it goes towards and when it is needed by. This isn't as to scare anyone or to guilt trip people, it is purely so that you can understand fully and get the whole picture. Therefore, if people do choose to give/sponser/donate, they know exactly where their money is going.

For now until October, I shall be using this blog in a promotional manner; advertising the things that are happening to fundraise, as well as keeping you updated on the emotional and spiritual journey I partake in.
After I begin Soul61, I hope to continue with this blog, turning it more into an open diary, informing you of the antics and doings of my 10 months in Watford. I want to show you just how much your support means, during the build up and the whole time I am there. When I leave in October, you will still hear from me!