Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Hey guys,

The countdown until I leave is getting very exciting! 32 DAYS! I'm enjoying my freedom, whilst it lasts, because very soon, my mum is going to be making me pack up my life and go shopping for essentials!

Just a quick reminder; the Quiz Night is this Friday (30th Sept.) at 7pm, for a 7.30pm start. It's in the Lea Valley Church hall and tickets are available now for £7, just contact Celene on, 0791 222 7843. We shall be in teams of 8 and nibbles are provided.

We also have another fundraiser coming up, very well organised by Ian; a Car Rally! It's a treasure hunt in your cars, on Saturday the 8th October. Contact Ian for more details. (number to come)


I know it's not really anything to do with Soul61. But I must say, Sunday was absolutely lovely. Watching my sister get baptised is one thing, but baptising her myself was wonderful. Congratulations to the other ladies who got baptised too! I hope your journey with God is exciting and enjoyable. :)


Monday, 12 September 2011


Remember to get your tickets for the Quiz Night on the 30th of September!

This is all in advance so I'm afraid you can't buy tickets on the door. Tickets are £7.00, this includes nibbles, sandwiches, cold drinks, teas, coffees and cakes! 7.30pm for an 8pm start, teams of 8, first come first serve. Held in Lea Valley Church hall, Monkswood Ave. Waltham Abbey.

Let us know if you want a couple of tickets or you want to get a team sorted! Call Celene on 079122 27843.


Thank you!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Hello! :)

So, we had the Jewellery Party on Saturday afternoon, and what a lovely day we had! The sun was shining, the jewellery was gorgeous (Thank you Bo!) and we raised £350! Thank you God for such blessings! What a success.

On a different note; the deadline for the Soul61 fees (£3995) is drawing close, the 16th of September is only next week! BUT... We have met the target!!!!!!!!! I went to collect the cheque this morning from Joan for the money the church was holding from the fundraisers, then went to the bank to cash it in, ready for a couple of days once it's in my account then I can pay for the course.
Thank you so much, to everyone who has supported me in every way, with donations, buying jewellery, bidding on an item, winning an item and promising something, for buying cards, coming to the choir concert and for your support in coming to events. I am so grateful, and I feel to blessed to know such generous people. With all of your help we've reached the first target.

Finally, a quick promo on the up and coming events we have planned;

The Quiz Night at Lea Valley Church is on the 30th September at 7.30pm, call Celene for details, on 07912 227843.

On the 8th October we have the Car Rally at 1pm, hosted my Ian and Mick, so contact them for more information. (Contact details to come)


Thursday, 1 September 2011


Hello everyone!

I got back from my holidays on Tuesday evening, but wanted a couple of days to chillax and sort things out. So I'm here now, ready and raring to go and updating more regularly! (hopefully?)

The countdown has begun...
I am moving out on the 29th October, meaning I have 58 days to do everything! Scary stuff.

As of that day, in 58 days, the '10 month plan' will commence!
- I have been told I need £3000 for the whole 10 months, which means £300 per month, £50-£70 a week, about a tenner a day. This money is to be used for living costs; things like food mainly, toiletries, shopping, and, erm, living, I guess.
There have been a few monthly pledges already made by some lovely generous people, who I'm utterly grateful to. So at the moment, talking about the '10 month plan', I'm about half way to my monthly allowance, and we have 58 days to double it! (In the realm of about £150ish pledged already)

If anyone feels that they would like to support me over the 10 months of Soul61, or give a one off donation, contact Celene (07912227843) or me (07912224834) for more information.

Thank you so much to those already pledging and sponsoring me! :)

Second and lastly, The Tea Party and Jewellery Sale is tomorrow afternoon! :)
Bo has kindly made some gorgeous pieces, there'll be scones, cupcakes and light refreshments, lots of other ladies to talk to and hopefully lots of fun!
It takes place at my house; please ask for details. From 3pm to 6pm.
Bring some friends, your mum or sister, auntie or cousin! All welcome!