Sunday, 7 August 2011


This blog post is going to be a little different from the others; more like a diary entry than an information packed post. I feel it neccessary to let you know how I am doing, and how I'm feeling about the process leading up to Soul61, as well as keeping you up to date with the finances and the up and coming events.

So, I've been feeling a little nervous of late! I hadn't really sat down and fully worked out my finances with mum until last week, and then it kind of dawned on me, it's coming so quickly! I started to doubt it all, of course an attack! I know God's gonna provide, he got me in, that's a miracle in itself. Just working out the finances, worried me a bit, I started thinking we ouldn't raise it, and I couldn't earn it. Then I chose to put my birthday money into the fund, which helped a lot, but meant I had to give up having a Macbook Pro! But, c'est la vie, this is where God wants me and that's all I want; to be where God wants me.

I'm getting increasingly excited, especially because I'm now off to spend 15 days in a field, with God, friends and music. My favourite things; bar the field... I am so excited about what God's got in store for me and the others, he never ceases to amaze me, and this year, I, myself am in a completely different place to where I was last year. I've kept up everything and not fallen away or gotten over 'Soul Survivor Fever'. So it's the next level this year. :)

I have been in contact with Soul61 a lot, they email me over more information every so often, recently they asked me to fill in a personal profile and add a picture! So hopefully, soon I'll have a collection of 35ish peoples personal profiles, and them having a mug of me too! Lovely. :)
As well as the personal profiles, Soul61 asked me if I was attending any of the 4 festivals, because they planned meetups with the others availbale those particular week, that are also attending Soul61. I looked a bit eager saying I was going to 3 out of 4... but it means I'll meet the majority of people! SO hopefully I'll come back home, knowing a few faces, that I'll be spending all my ten months with! Exciting stuff.

In other news, I was advised to apply for grants to up my finances; they're all very specific, but I applied to 8 different schemes. However, so far I've had no luck. I have 4 yet to get back to me, but the others said I didn't come under their banner. I knew it would be a longshot, because I was applying late, however even £50 here or there would help!



Good evening lovely people,

Just an update on finances as it's the end of the month, beginning of the new month. Just to confirm and clarify; the total I have to pay by September 16th is £4000, this is compulsory. Then over the period of the 10 months whilst I'm in Watford, I'll need £3000, which is also compulsory, however, I don't need the full amount to start with, it can be added to over the course etc. Then there's £2000 approximately, for the missions trips that happen, however, this cost is NOT compulsory.
The trustees are holding the money that we raise as a church at fundriasers, and I hold the money I earn/get gifted/get sponsored etc. So in effect, I have two totals going on at the minute.

Firstly, I have a running total (a big poster on my wall being added to in berol black pen!) for the amounts of money on both accounts, but I only actually hold one lot in my bank account. I will give the two totals, then full total, then how much needs to be raised, hopefully to give you the full idea and keep you as involved as possible! Bear with me!

For the month of July
Earnt: £447
Choir Concert: £215
LVC Donations: £115
Promise Auction: £1012
My Birthday: £900

July Total: £3550

Thank you to those who donated, whether it's a sponser or a one-off, I appreciate it greatly. I feel utterly blessed. Now, the £900 from my birthday; I asked from money from my parents and my family for my 18th. I wnnted a Mac laptop for my birthday, however, they are expensive, and my parents weren't going to buy me one! So, I was planning on buying one myself wih all the birthday money I was gifted, however, I have chosen to use it for Soul61 and sacrifice the laptop! We were cutting it close with finances, and the £900 gave it a huge boost!

Here's are the two running totals:
What the church hold
Choir Concert: £215
Promise Auction: £1012
Total: £1227

What I hold
(From earnings, donations, Krispy Kreme fundraiser and birthday money)
Total: £2262.50

Total overall £3489.5 !!!!!!!

My fees of $3995 are due on the 16th of September - and we are ALMOST there! God has blessed me so much so far, and I'm getting even more excited!
I'm off to Soul Survivor tomorrow with the youth, but I'm also staying on for the next two festivals! Weeks C and Momentum, (a repeat of Week B, and a week aimed at students and twenty-somethings) I'll be serving on team/volunteering with my close friend Libby for Week C and attending Momentum with a house group. So I'm away for the majority of August! I won't be working or earning while I'm away, but as soon as I come back, I'll be working as much as possible in my final 8 weeks before I go!

I've worked a little this month and am really trusting God that the finances come about by September 16th... then I'll be really concentrating on the next stage! "The Ten Month Plan".

I'll explain the "Ten Month Plan" in my next post!

Hope you all have a lovely day/evening. :)

Leah X