"The Ten Month Plan"

Whilst I'm at Soul61 - I have to live! The suggested amount is £300 per months; between £50 and £70 a week. This money goes towards living costs, things like food, toiletries, cleaning products, clothes and essentials etc.

I do already have a few wonderful sponsors who have pledged to set up standing orders to my accout, for a set amount each month, during the te months I'm on the course. This supports me by spreading the cost over that period of time, rather than donating a one off amount.

I understand a lot of people live so tightly with money and there are a few people in the church that are sponsoring me, just £5 or £10 a month, and I feel so blessed and touched knowing that money would do so much for them, but yet they are willing to give it to me. Honestly, I feel touched. Thank you.

Already, I have the support £115 a month so far, so just another £185 per month to get! Said like that, it really doesn't sound like a lot, but it is still another £1850! However, with great support at the fundraisers coming up - a big dent will hopefully be made in this figure! I of course, will have 8 weeks to work as much as possible to add to my living expenses; "The Ten Month Plan".

For any more information, call me on; 0791 222 4834
or, my mum, Celene on: 0791 222 783

Thank you!