Saturday, 26 November 2011

Doorstop comes before the Book.

I feel like I'm constantly apologising for not posting; and here I am, doing it again.
I've currently got the flu. Not great. Since Friday night I've felt rough, run down and poorly. I've got the chills, then I'm too hot, headaches, temperature, swollen glands, sore throat, lack of sleep, snuffles and super achey. Would really appreciate your prayers for this, I've had to take 2 days off! I don't want to miss to much.

Last week, in short, involved; a ’Grub Crawl’, epic rounds of signs, free entry and bustin’ some moves in Revs, buying a Christmas tree, running out of electricity, ice skating with my cell group and successfully staying on my feet, doing our first online shop, Back to the Future 1 and 2, having nothing to eat in the flat, soaking, actually waking up early to pray and learning how to prepare a talk.
This week, in short, involved; decorating Explore church for Christmas, the electricity running out again, finally finding my feet, getting the flu, watching Gordon house play sardines, having our first two Soul61 birthdays, getting treated like princesses by all the Soul61 boys, travelling into London and seeing as many sights as possible, calling in sick, twice! and growing in prophecy.

Before moving and whilst being here, I’ve known that God’s going to do a lot of breaking and remaking, I don’t expect to come home in 10 months time completely unchanged. I’m expecting struggles, strains, trials and tests! One of the things I’d love to do while I’m here, is give some prayer requests when I feel they are needed and ask if you could pray for me. Some things this week are;
- Intimacy with God; I'm struggling to actually spend time with God myself, on a one to one basis. It's proving difficult, however I do feel like when I end up sleeping in and not getting up early enough to pray and read my bible, that God's okay with it. He gave me a verse in Psalm 127, that says He gives rest to those He loves. Which I definitely need!
- Missing Libby. Of course I miss my family and friends, but I know they're not far, and only a phone call away. But I miss Libby a lot, not being able to talk to her and not see her is horrible.
- Not exactly for me, but prayer for Libby would be great. She's finding it real tough, she's homesick and wanting to come home.
- No distractions; I want to really delve into scripture, pray, write out my notes, write letters to Libby and my family, keep my journal/diary about what God is doing. Sharing a room, flat and house is pretty distracting when spending time by myself and with God.

I was really, really struggling with my placement at Explore, seeing God's will in it, why I'm here and what I'm gaining out of admin and kids work. Then, our flat and flat 3, the girls of Gordon spent an evening prophesying and praying for each other, to grow in our giftings. I had quite a few relevant pictures and words regarding Explore; it's a season of preparation, that, like a cocoon, the process is isolating, protecting and preparation, but something beautiful will come out of it at the end.
After it settling in my heart that God did want me there, I then wanted to know why. Hannah told me that Corrie Ten Boom said, "some knowledge is too heavy, your Father will carry it until you are able". I'm not ready to know yet, because it's too big! Which, in itself is encouraging! God's got big plans for me.
Today we had teaching with a man called Jeremy, the head of the prophesy team at Soul Survivor, on prophesy. It was pretty exciting, seeing that not one person got left out and got nothing. Somebody came up to me at the end with a picture, she saw a book that was being used as a doorstop. She said God needed me somewhere that I wasn't made to be, I was being a doorstop when I'm meant to be a book. Which is so perfect. I felt so sure I was in the wrong place, but God wanted me there, so now knowing that after my time of being a 'doorstop' at Explore, I'll be the 'book' God designed me to be!

Leah XXX

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