Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Hello! :)

So, we had the Jewellery Party on Saturday afternoon, and what a lovely day we had! The sun was shining, the jewellery was gorgeous (Thank you Bo!) and we raised £350! Thank you God for such blessings! What a success.

On a different note; the deadline for the Soul61 fees (£3995) is drawing close, the 16th of September is only next week! BUT... We have met the target!!!!!!!!! I went to collect the cheque this morning from Joan for the money the church was holding from the fundraisers, then went to the bank to cash it in, ready for a couple of days once it's in my account then I can pay for the course.
Thank you so much, to everyone who has supported me in every way, with donations, buying jewellery, bidding on an item, winning an item and promising something, for buying cards, coming to the choir concert and for your support in coming to events. I am so grateful, and I feel to blessed to know such generous people. With all of your help we've reached the first target.

Finally, a quick promo on the up and coming events we have planned;

The Quiz Night at Lea Valley Church is on the 30th September at 7.30pm, call Celene for details, on 07912 227843.

On the 8th October we have the Car Rally at 1pm, hosted my Ian and Mick, so contact them for more information. (Contact details to come)


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