Thursday, 27 October 2011


I cannot quite get my head around the fact that I'm moving out in two days. I don't think it's sunk in yet. I feel like I should be far more nervous, prepared and ready.
I am prepared, of course; for those that know, my mum would not let me go unprepared. :) Thank goodness, if left to my own devices I would probably forget my bible and underwear!

Despite the excitement, which has been greatly influenced and increased majorly by the influx of facebook friend requests, group set up and constant conversing with other Soul61'ers, it still feels surreal. Time is one element of many I will never understand; it goes so quickly but so slowly. It feels like only last week did I have my interview! It was on the 27th April!

My brain doesn't quite get it, I've never moved house, and moving room within my house doesn't exactly qualify as 'moving', so I don't know if I'm doing it right? Surely I'm meant to be more stressed, or more organised. I'm currently sitting at my desk, on my lovely Mac (THANK YOU ANON) surrounded by boxes and one very large, heavy and bursting at the seams suitcase... and I'm still not finished.

In other news, I have been informed of who I am living with, where I am living and what placement i am doing! Better late than never. :)
I am living in a flat with 2 other wonderful girls whom I've been talking to, one also being from Essex. (THANK YOU GOD) You'll probably hear lots about them. I'll be living above a cafe, with another 3 flats, 4 in total, full of Soul61'ers. Should be social!

Sunday the 16th October, was the deadline for our placement choices. Funnily enough, God does things late in my time, perfect in his time. So at 9pm on Sunday night I email Jo back with my preferences. My top 4 choices being; Youth Work, Evangelism, Explore Church Plant and Pastoral Aide. There were 12 in total. Only today did we find out where we've been placed. In all honesty, I was really disappointed. I've been put in the Explore Church team; my third choice. I was sure I heard God correctly when he said youth work. But c'est la vie. I believe wherever I was placed was where God wanted me. So Explore Church it is! after praying alone and with my mum and sister I feel much better about it, and I'm sure by the time I start, God would've softened my heart even more.

So, from now on, this blog will no longer be me promoting fundraisers and asking (nicely) for money! I will be keeping it as the musings of my time in Watford; Flat 2, Gordon House, my flatmates, Hannah and Bethan, what we get up to in our spare time, the explore Church team, my workshops and theology teachings and everything amazing that God does!


PS. Feel free to send Red Cross/Food parcels to us... ask for my address! :D

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